Sustainability Workshop with Children Sustainability Workshop with Children

In the Summer of 2019, members of Ecoculus Turkey Branch and Seasons Project (Mevsimler Projesi) collaborated on a joint project to connect with primary school children from Aydın, Acarlar, Turkey. (Seasons Project's Workshop Website Here!)

During our initial online meeting last year, it was clear that members of the Koc School Ecoculus club wanted to be active on site and this became possible through collaboration with Seasons Project on the 14th of June 2019.

Ecoculus Turkey Branch wants to stand out with its open to collaboration and inclusive stance in The Koc School. 

During the last quarter of 2018-2019 term, a community engagement project was underway called Seasons Project (website here), aiming to collect money in the form of pizza and a variety of food sales on the school grounds, voluntary donations of school books and supplies after establishing communication with a public primary school in Acarlar district of Aegean city of Aydın. Few distinct necessities in the from of pens and pencils, a small and economic color printer, mathematics/geometry objects and a few more basic educational supplies were also successfully obtained by these young social entrepreneurs. 

The trip was to be between cities and involve 20+ excited individuals. 20+ individuals, a bunch of boxes of kilograms of supplies, a few hours of round-trip bus and airplane… The project was amazing in goal, and it was due to achieve great impact, but here is where we as Ecoculus had the “Aha!” moment and an eco friendly lightbulb started magically floating over our heads. The project was due to use a significant portion of our limited global “carbon budget”.

Since we needed to get the people and supplies on site, and sadly teleportation is yet to be a thing, we realized that an and Seasons Project collaboration, if successful, would result in hopefully an increased social return, and a more effective use of the carbon budget. 

Unaware of the critical impact this team would have on the school, but most surprisingly, ourselves, I asked Sinem Güler, one of the project organizers for Seasons Project “you wanna do something together?” and thankfully, the answer was “Why not!”

Thus, with a few volunteers from Ecoculus Turkey Branch, we established communication, and began designing a basic Ecology/Sustainability Workshop, that would be targeted towards what would be the future of the rural agricultural community.

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