A new beginning!

Hey! お久しぶりねー

A lot happened since I last tried to have a go at writing up a blog mainly as a way of looking back at my past endeavours and therefor my growth over time. Though I am not sure if it would be fair to say that my last attempt was real blogging, or I do not know if it will really ever turn into one. Anyway, what I really mean is, I think I wish to have another go at this! I had a look at some of my previous entries and I think they should stay on this website as a relic to my past self ahah!

Have a great one!

From the bubble!

Little Big Bubble?

The wording of the current title of this blog, that is the Little Big Bubble can sound confusing if not lame at first. But I invite you to think about it one more time for me. Your answers may vary and that is all right.

For me the idea that is a Little Big Bubble emerged from the idea that “some people have their own bubbles” or for them to be able to get along and be open with themselves and other people they need to “burst it”. I believe everybody has this methapohical Bubble which basically can impact their ability to do something. Ok, so much with the murmur. What I basically mean is according to how oneself shapes this Bubble he/she has the potential to continue doing something or not be able to build courage to do it at all while there are no real uncontrollable obstacles along the way. It might be fun to observe how this Bubble morphs into different shapes along the journey.

Another fun thing that I discovered after this is that we were all living on a little big blue bubble with occasional green and brown spread onto it: the Earth! It is spectacular to imagine that the Earth, which although after advancements in technology has become gradually smaller, still being ginormous for us, forms a tiny spec in the universe. We hardly can escape the gravitational pull of the Earth, but something weird happens then. We dream, we think, we try to produce solutions and despite feeling small I guess there really is a universe within us.

Also, I really enjoyed alliteration, you know, Big Bubble, and Bubble is a fun word anyway. So that might also be it!

From the Bubble

See ya

Why even bother blogging?

My main concern while blogging is actually probably limited to my desire to see how my mind and myself change over time and to push myself to dedicatedly process my ideas and write them out. 

The idea of someone sharing their thoughts and some things they come by in life and broadcasting it to the internet is due to be self centered, and although I do not expect much of an audience as I am doing this for myself, it could be interesting to see how others feel about what I write.

In a few years time I will probably be laughing at this beginning but, oh well future me, what can I say. You were like this and you should be proud of every achievement and mistake you may have come by. 

As to why I am choosing Web as a medium over notebooks etc. it’s just that I find it easier, and if I face any challenges while maintaining the website I figured it would be fun to try and cope with it.

Oh, and, the focus? I will not be constraining myself in any way and I do believe that it’s not worth throwing a quick thought aside to be forgotten, however I will try to not go overboard and hopefully we will have some sort of a rythem going.

As for the name, stick along to learn about it more. (p.s. Little Big Bubble).

I could have started by explaining who I was and could have done a quick autobiography but I didn’t. I might do quick updates every so often anyway about little details.

Have a nice one,

From the Bubble

Photo of the Day is a picture that I magically managed to take this morning. Apperantly there was a partial moon eclipse yesterday evening and it was beautiful. Guess who missed it 🙂