Simply Inspired: Looking Back/Forward to Kyoto, Japan

At the end of January 2019, I achieved the most beautiful birthday gift and was on the plane to Kansai Airport Osaka, from which I would begin my two week individual dive into the Japanese culture, and the unique bridge between tradition and modern: Kyoto. As look back on the experience, I now realize the emotional impact it had on me, and the surprising realizations it led to regarding me as an individual. I miss all my friends from there so much, and all the smiles we shared. I somehow know that our paths will cross with some of them. Thank you everyone 🙂

Now, I would like to dedicate this week to a flashback into all the things I experienced, and how this short period of inspiration is shaping my outlook into the world right now. To future me, please travel Kyoto, please go to Japan, get lost there, use the language, share your own…


From the bubble


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