Photon Particle – Internet of Things

I have for many hours in the past week tinkered with this device called Photon by Particle which is essentially a tiny cute micro controller that aims to promote the wide range implementation of Internet of Things (IoT).


I first scribbled a tiny bit of code that made an RGB LED that I had lying around randomly fade through different colours using one of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs of the Photon.

I then proceeded to try and replicate a past quick project of mine which aimed to drive an alphanumeric display via a Raspberry Pi. I hooked up a shift register and a small 7-segment display and coded the bits and bytes of simple numbers which I could instruct the controller then to output sequentially as serial through one of its pins and shift out signals which turned the LEDs in the display on and off. After few hours of problem solving and component testing I managed to make the wifi enabled Photon count through a few numbers. The nice thing about the Photon was that I could easily flash new code onto it through the Particle cloud and its easily accessible web interface.

I may follow this post with an update when I get to improve on the display output system a bit. Then I want to try new things as well such as somehow trying to make it communicate with a Raspberry pi or Arduino, could be nice. Maybe produce a little helper AI or interface for my room.

This cute little Photon was a gift of a friend of mine for my 15th birthday. Its pretty nice.

You can find Particle’s webpage here.

See ya!

From the Bubble.

(P.S. I might try and teach myself or take lessons for SolidWorks. I wanna stop being able to only print pre-made models and start producing some for my own. I know there are simpler tools but I believe this will help me be freer in the end.)


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