MemoCanDoes on Youtube!

I managed to lay my hands on a camera this summer while I was in the Harvard Summer School program and realized that enjoy video making quite a bit more than I thought. (Sony a6500 with an f-1.8 Prime Lens is you are interested.)

This gave me the incentive to launch a brand new youtube channel where I could share my content with people in higher definition as an expansion to the quicker and easier Instagram that I normally use.

I hope to share the links of my videos as they go up here as well!

Here are a few just to begin with, I hope to also do individual posts on some of the videos to elaborate more on the content.

Turkish Guy Visits Japan

This is a quick amateur vlog of my trip to Japan in August 2017. I was mesmerized. From food to Mt. Fuji to the Hatsune Miku concert, it was a super valuable experience for me. I wish to definitely visit again.

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