Photon Particle – Internet of Things

I have for many hours in the past week tinkered with this device called Photon by Particle which is essentially a tiny cute micro controller that aims to promote the wide range implementation of Internet of Things (IoT).


I first scribbled a tiny bit of code that made an RGB LED that I had lying around randomly fade through different colours using one of the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) outputs of the Photon.

I then proceeded to try and replicate a past quick project of mine which aimed to drive an alphanumeric display via a Raspberry Pi. I hooked up a shift register and a small 7-segment display and coded the bits and bytes of simple numbers which I could instruct the controller then to output sequentially as serial through one of its pins and shift out signals which turned the LEDs in the display on and off. After few hours of problem solving and component testing I managed to make the wifi enabled Photon count through a few numbers. The nice thing about the Photon was that I could easily flash new code onto it through the Particle cloud and its easily accessible web interface.

I may follow this post with an update when I get to improve on the display output system a bit. Then I want to try new things as well such as somehow trying to make it communicate with a Raspberry pi or Arduino, could be nice. Maybe produce a little helper AI or interface for my room.

This cute little Photon was a gift of a friend of mine for my 15th birthday. Its pretty nice.

You can find Particle’s webpage here.

See ya!

From the Bubble.

(P.S. I might try and teach myself or take lessons for SolidWorks. I wanna stop being able to only print pre-made models and start producing some for my own. I know there are simpler tools but I believe this will help me be freer in the end.)


Part of the Chain

I sometimes find myself thinking about how what I am able to consume as a product, if it is the iPhone or the piece of cheese that I am eating for breakfast, how came to be in my hand or in my mouth. I also find myself trying the figure out what type of roles people and machines were involved in during this process. We have the idea that something handmade, human made always surpasses a product that is quickly produced by following a production line. I agree, but why is that the case?

I guess the reason machines were quickly involved and were behind the scenes helping out in production came to be because of how cheap on the long run it was. Handmade objects required more time, expertise and money, and the quality was not always standard, being affected by points of flaws or successes associated with a human. While some companies were able to retain the quality they originally possessed, most were affected by the easy money and missing the overlook and expertise of a human. And  the occasional love and dedication added.

What I believe should happen is people should be able to not give up quality over quantity but also learn to work in coherence with machines. How will this happen? I believe it already is happening as people are starting to realise companies abusing the quantity aspect over quality. People are willing to pay a bit more for better cheese, “organic cheese”, “ancient seeds” and this is awesome.

What we should focus on now is how we can develop machines and develop methods which will produce near human results which will be completed by humans. I fail to take humans out of the equation as although machines can be more efficient and safe in certain procedures I certainly believe humans will and should be a part of the chain they built.

The Photo of the Day is the picture of a postcard they hand out when you ask to pay in a restaurant in Bebek, Istanbul. It really does make you feel special and the warm atmosphere is made just a bit warmer by the addition of something this human. Postcards are outdated technology wise, but I love what it reminds us of. Love and, HUMAN. We are human, we make mistakes, we achieve the previously unimaginable and we should be proud of it.

I also stumbled upon a semi-new addition to the chain that is the 3D printing which although publicised in the recent years has been benign developed apparently for decades now. We are so used to it, the products varied very quickly and cheap materials were developed over what was previously inaccessible to the common consumer. It is so interesting to see how we went OH 3D printing HOW FUTURE to, oh 3d printer, I have one too… oh well. Drones, electric cars and individual flight options, they will all end up like that. However, this is a part of the chain I believe as it clears way to new innovation and constant improvement.

From the bubble

See ya!